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HYT App Benefits

Q: What are the benefits of using HYT App?

A: When you register for HYT you join a global community where you can connect with other members, chat, discover great savings and discounts with hyper-local merchants, pay with cryptocurrencies and credit cards and support your favorite causes.

More benefits


Merchant Marketplace

Discover great savings from national and local merchants who craft promotions (500,000+) that align with your interests.


Earn CashBack from select discounted purchases with HYT merchants every month. Simply stated... The more you spend, the more you earn.

Premium Discount Opportunities

Earn access to exclusive opportunities to save more as a premium HYT App Subscriber.

Earn HYT Points

Earn HYT Points with select purchases and redeem them from valued HYT merchants.


Peer-to-Peer Payments

Send, receive and request money from HYT App friends. You may also make instant, real-time bank transfers free.


Complete purchases using one of the most broadly accepted payment options available globally.

Global Payment Options

Enjoy the benefits of HYT globally, as you travel, shop and explore.

Bill Pay

Schedule, Pay & Go... . Pay your bills without the hassles of writing checks and buying stamps.

Download Mobile App

Q: I was not able to download the HYT App, can you help me?

A: Absolutely let's do it together.

  • First make sure you are using the right account to download it from the store.
  • Let's go to https://hytapp.com/ and there you find the option to download the app.
  • What kind of device do you have? Apple or Android
  • Then select the right store - Apple store or Google play
  • Now you're ready to go!
Registration and KYC

Q: What is KYC?

A: "Know Your Customer" is a broadly adopted framework that helps to ensure that HYT members are who they say they are. Regulations such as the Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering law (BSA/AML) in the United States require that institutions handling your funds perform identity verification to help limit suspicious or fraudulent activity. The HYT KYC process is easy to complete and is integrated within the mobile application.

Add Credit Card

Q: How can I add my credit card to the app?

A: Please select "Wallet" from the menu or the wallet icon (top right), then following the brief instructions to complete the process.

Add Money

Q: How can I add money to my account?

A: You can fund/add money to your account by using a linked bank account and completing the ACH or Wire Transfer process. Please select the "Wallet" option from the main menu, or the wallet icon (top right), the HYT Card, then "Load" (bottom of screen)... and follow the instructions provided.

Q: Can I add money to my account without using any card or bank account?

A: Yes. However, you must be KYC'ed first. Afterwards you can give money to a HYT Agent that they can load your wallet card. Also, a friend can send money to your Kashkard.

Send Money

Q: How can I send money to another person?

A: You must first have a credit or debit card registered with the HYT App. Please select the "Wallet" option from the main menu, or the wallet icon (top right), your HYT or Credit Card, then "Send" (bottom of screen)... and follow the instructions provided.

You may also search for a HYT App Member or connection then follow the instructions above.

Q: Can I send money to people in other countries?

A: Yes, if they are a HYT App member, you can send money anywhere in real time.

HYT Points

Q: What are HYT Points?

A: We believe that community members should be rewarded for great engagement, so we developed HYT Points to encourage and reward engagement. HYT merchants also recognize the benefits of being loyal customers, so they've created promotions that offer HYT Points as well.

Q: How can I earn points?

A: HYT Points are earned through purchases from merchants within the HYT Marketplace, sharing content and promotions, connecting with HYT App members, loading funds and many more activities. You may discover all of the great opportunities to earn HYT Points as you explore the application.

You may also search for a HYT App Member or connection then follow the instructions above.

Q: How many HYT Points do I have?

A: Your HYT Point balance is available on the home screen of the mobile application and on the HYT wallet screen.

Q: Can HYT Points be converted to currency?

A: Yes, 100 HYT Points equals 1 USD. HYT Points can be exchanged for gift cards or single use MasterCard. Also, HYT Points may be redeemed for purchases.


Q: What is the HYT Marketplace?

A: The HYT Marketplace is a community of local and national merchants that promote product/service discounts, HYT Points, sales, social good and other campaigns to encourage HYT App Consumer engagement. HYT members can search for merchants that best align with their interests and purchase trends.

Q: I cannot find a close restaurant, or mall, or coffee shop or HYT merchant near me, what can I do?

A: HYT merchants may be searched using your current location as a reference. After a local search, you may filter results based upon category.

Q: I want to know all of the offers available. Can I subscribe to merchant notices and receive new updates?

A: HYT App members may "Connect" with merchants to receive recent offers and information. You may receive notification from a merchant by simply selecting the "Connect" button from a merchant page.

Gift Cards

Q: How do the HYT Gift Cards work?

A: HYT Merchants offer significant discounts to members via gift cards. You may purchase gift cards at any time from a merchant shop or when linked to a promotion.


Q: Does HYT support cryptocurrencies?

A: Yes. HYT is a cryptocurrency wallet, where you can store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zeven Utility Token and other cryptocurrencies.

Q: Can I pay for purchases using cryptocurrency?

A: Yes. Simply add a BTC and/or Zeven card to your HYT wallet and present where the available cards are supported.

Q: Can I send crypto currency to my friends?

A: Yes, after adding a cryptocurrency card to your HYT wallet. Simply select the preferred cryptocurrency card from your HYT wallet, press the "Send" button (bottom of screen), select a friend, enter the amount then "Send".