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The HYT platform is designed to have easy access to all our daily activities. All in one aplication and a simple click away.


About us

HYT is a next generation platform that makes your experiences on a day to day basis a HYT!

The company is a worldwide community that has formed relationships with businesses and entities globally.

  • Use the platform yourself and get paid
  • Get paid when your friends use the platform
  • Get paid when the businesses you introduced use the platform
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What is HYT all about?

HYT is a community of individuals who get paid for the things they normally do on a day to day basis.
It is also a platform that allows you to monetize the relationships that you have with others and the businesses that you visit regularly.

How do HYT apps work?

HYT apps leverage the power of the QR Code to allow you to scan and pay at businesses around the world.
The HYT platform also embraces the crypto world allowing you to connect your Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets for local and online spending.

What are HYT apps?

HYT apps are mobile apps that run on IOS and Android based smartphones. They are designed for the monetization of daily activities of an individual or a community.

Business model

The HYT business model is simple. Our members earn discounts and rewards when they do day to day spending and also when they invite friends and their friends do the same. Additionally, HYT members can get the businesses they frequent to join and earn from those business membership subscriptions as well.

App Screenshots

The HYT app its more than an app . HYT connects you to the world, it allows you to earn points, receive discounts and rewards while engaging with your community.


Local merchants and activities are at your fingertips with discounts and rewards for the HYT community.


Choose the plan that fits you best

The HYT plans are designed for all budgets and lifestyles.

Package Price FREE $49.95 $99.00
Monthly Business Fee* FREE $5.00 $15.00
*NOTE: The reoccurring monthly business fee will start billing the month after the product package is purchased.
Social Connections to members
Travel club with exclusive offers
Virtual MasterCard
Cryptocard for cryptocurrencies (KYC)
Mobile Card for Payments
Unique code to activate subscribers
Holiday weekend voucher for two people at a luxury resort
8 Day Holiday Voucher at a luxury resort for two people Coming Soon
Monthly Maintenance Included for first year
Metal MasterCard
Direct bonus 40% 40% 40%
Reload bonus 1% 1% 1%
Influencer bonus
Production bonus
ZevenCoin Package

HYT is more than just another application!

It's where lifestyle meets technology!

The more you use the HYT app, the more you save and earn!

  • Get your own secure digital wallet
  • Use Bitcoin and Ether at any partner business
  • Sign up businesses and earn money
  • Connect with friends and earn points and money
  • Send and receive gift cards
  • Post content and earn points and money
  • Manage your rewards program

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